Crystal Quartz Gem Chip Choker
Crystal Quartz Gem Chip Choker.  This unique and stunning choker is one of my most popular finished jewelry items.  You can make it yourself from my detailed, illustrated instructions.  The sample shows a finished necklace in Crystal Quartz chips with Silver/Gray Delicas. 
Crystal Gem Chip Choker Bead Kit
GCC Detail
Eleven pages.  Size 737K.  $8.00  Now $3.00
Spring Garden Necklace.  Learn to make the four charming beaded beads used in this necklace.  Instructions for the beaded beads include many photos and illustrations, and also explain how to string them with other elements for a lovely wearable art necklace.
Collage Bead Necklace
Spring Garden Necklace
Collage Bead Necklace.  These detailed instructions with lots of photos and illustrations will teach you the six beautiful and versatile beaded beads in this necklace, and also explain how to string them with other elements for a stunning wearable art necklace. 
Spring Garden Beaded Jewelry Necklace Detail
Spring Garden Beaded Jewelry Kit
Collage Bead Beaded Jewelry Detail
Collage Bead Beaded Jewelry Kit
Twelve pages.  Size 836K  $8.00  Now $3.00
Fifteen pages.  Size 1015K.  $8.00  Now $3.00
Fealted Bead Necklace Bead Kit
Five pages.  Size 393K.  Now $3.00
Felted Koolaid Bead Necklace Instructions.  Complete instructions for creating beads from wool roving and assembling into an attractive necklace.  Koolaid or any other dye may be used for the wool beads.
Felted Koolaid Bead Necklace
Russian Weave Netted Scallop
14 pages.  Size 508K  $8.00  Now $3.00
Russian Netted Scallop Necklace Instructions.  Complete instructions using a beautiful  and versatile Russian weave lace stitch.  This is an intermediate project. 
Russian Netted Scallop Necklace
Beaded Jewelry Purse
12 pages.  Size 854K  $8.00  Now $3.00
Beaded Belt Purse or Fanny Pack Instructions.   Complete instructions including bead pattern and a pattern for cutting the leather.  This project is for intermediate beaders.  You should know circular peyote stitch. 
Belted Purse
Netted Pearl Choker.  This eye-catching choker has always been one of my most elegant finished jewelry items.  Now you can make it yourself from my detailed, illustrated instructions.

Eight pages.  Size 1124K  $8.00  Now $3.00
Netted Pearl Choker Bead Kit
Netted Pearl Choker Detail
Netted Pearl Choker
Netted Pearl Rope.  The samples on the left illustrate finished necklaces with white pearls. The inner rope has Blue/Gray delicas with Silver #14s, and the outer rope has Rosy Taupe delicas with gold #14s.

This is a beginners project:  You can create this Pearl Rope even if you've never done any beadweaving before.

Eight pages.  Size 808K  $8.00  Now $3.00
Netted Pearl Ropes
Netted Pearl Rope Bead Kit
Netted Pearl Rope detail
Greek Islands Choker bead kit
The Greek Islands Choker is an easy project for beginners using daisy chain and horizontal netting stitches.  The diamonds and crosses formed by the pearls are typical ancient Greek design elements.   Nine pages of very detailed instructions assume you are a beginner to beadweaving.
Nine pages.  Size 443K.  $8.00  Now $3.00
Greek Islands Choker
Beadwork Patterns on Sale

All Designs on this Page are $3.00 or Less
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All of our beading instructions are much more than just beading patterns: they are complete sets of step-by-step instructions to make the finished jewelry shown in the photos, with bead patterns and a list of materials included.  Remember that all of our projects started life as a bead kit, so they have been tested hundreds of times by other beaders.
Russian Lace Bead Kit
Russian Lace Detail
Russian Lace Combo
Russian Lace Necklace Combo.  This  jewelry combo uses a "daisy chain" Russian weave stitch.  In the sample shown left and above, the necklace is 28" in length,  and the bracelet is 8" in length.  This combo is suitable for advanced beginners. 
Eleven pages.  Size 618K  $8.00  Now $3.00
Button Beaded Bracelet
Seven pages.  Size 290K  $8.00  Now $3.00
Button Bracelet Instructions.   This project uses the ladder stitch, and is suitable for advanced beginners.  A great way to use up some of your beautiful buttons. 
Button Bracelet