Poppy Flower Bead Kit

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Art Deco Necklace Instructions.   The sample shown at left is about 23 inches in length.  Uses tubular peyote with a graphed centerpiece bead.  This project is for intermediate to advanced beaders.

13 pages.  Size 408K.  $8.00
Art Deco One Bead Kit
Art deco One detail
Bolo Necklace Bead Kit
Bolo detail
Bolo Variation Necklace Instructions.  This Netted Rope with Slide Beads project was inspired by the bolo ties that I saw so often in Santa Fe while living there.  I liked the idea of being able to change the design of a necklace by sliding beads on a “rope”.  The necklace uses a tubular horizontal netting, graphed tubular peyote, vertical netting, flat peyote, and brick stitch.  Length as worn is variable due to the design.  This project is for advanced beadweavers.

20 pages.  Size 1429K.  $8.00
Magic Charm Necklace Bead Kit
Magic Charm detail
Rainbow Drops Bracelet Instructions.  These bracelets consist of a right-angle weave base, made with Czech glass and seed beads, and a second layer of drops, leaves, and/or flowers stitched over the top of the bracelet base.  A great project for advanced beginner and intermediate beaders.

11 pages.  Size 633K.  $8.00  Now $4.00
Rainbow Drops Bracelet Bead Kit
Rainbow Drops Detail
You can make these bracelets in many combinations.  Shown left to right:

All drops,
Leaves and drops,
Drops and flowers,
Leaves and flowers.
Magic Charm Necklace  Instructions.  The necklace features a beaded bead pendant on a beaded chain using peyote, brick, and Russian stitches.  This is a great project for intermediate to advanced beadweavers.  The sample shown at left is 21 inches in length.

11 pages.  Size 539K.  $8.00
Art Deco Necklace
Bolo Variation Necklace
Magic Charm Necklace
Rainbow Drops Bracelet
Russian Jewel Bracelet
Russian Jewel Bracelet Bead Kit
Russian Jewel Bracelet Instructions.  These bracelets use a "daisy chain" Russian stitch with 3mm fire polish beads and a beaded button closure.  This is an intermediate to advanced beadweaving project.

11 pages.  Size 544K.  $8.00  Now $4.00
Friendship Circle Detail
Friendship Circle 01 Bead Kit
Friendship Circle 01 Necklace Instructions.  The three-dimensional circles are made using a flat circular peyote stitch embellished with crystals, and the toggles are made using flat brick stitch.  This is an intermediate to advanced beadweaving project.

11 pages.  544K.  $8.00
Side view showing the three-dimensional nature of the interconnected friendship circles.
Friendship Circle 01 Necklace
poppy Flower detail
Poppy Flower Combo (Necklace, bracelet, and earrings).  You make the lacy necklace chain using right angle weave, the toggle closure using peyote and right angle weave, and the poppy using flat circular, even-count flat, and tubular peyote.  The instructions use the red and black color combination, as shown to the left, but you can invent other combinations, such as the yellow and blue shown below.  This is an advanced beadweaving project.  

22 pages.  Size 1002K.  $8.00
Poppy Flower in
Red and Black
Poppy Flower in
Yellow and Blue
Poppy Flower Combo
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