FIber Necklace Instructions.   Gorgeous Italian yarns inspired this project.  They seemed much too beautiful to be used just for knitting and crochet, and seemed worthy of being worn as “jewels”. 

Vertical netting and ladder stitches are used, as well as various techniques for forming the yarn and bead bundles.  The necklace portion is formed with beaded beads.  This beadweaving project is for intermediate to advanced beaders.

13 pages.  Size 751K.  $8.00
The Hawaiian Lei gives you a dramatic textural and dimensional beaded jewelry necklace using fast and easy stitching techniques.  This project is suitable for intermediate and advanced beaders.  The finished necklaces are about  1" to 1 1/4" in diameter.

Nine pages.  Size 416K.  $8.00  Now $4.00
Hawaiian Lei Necklace beaded jewelry Kit
Hawaiian Lei Necklace
Hawaiian Lei Necklace
Fiber Necklace
DS1 Dutch Spiral Bead Kit
Dutch Spiral Necklace.  This Dutch Spiral is my variation on a classic design created by Gineke Root.  The sample shown is about 22 inches in length.  Even beginners can create this intricate and alluring spiral necklace.  

Eight pages.  Size 430K  $8.00  Now $4.00
DS1 Dutch Spiral Detail
Dutch Spiral Necklace
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Beaded Beads in Brown
Beaded Beads in Rose
Rose Beaded Bead Detail
Brown Beaded Bead Detail
"Dancing Light" Beaded Beads in Rose.  Complete instructions to make beaded beads in three different patterns.  Combine with other design elements to form a necklace as shown at the left, where gemstones, pearls and silver are used.  Suitable for advanced beginners.

Eight pages.  Size 375K.  $8.00  Now $4.00
"Dancing Light" Beaded Beads in Shades of Brown.  Complete instructions to make beaded beads in four different patterns.  Combine with other design elements to form a necklace as shown at the left, where crystal quartz, smoky quartz. bronze spacers and bronze clasp are used.  Suitable for advanced beginners.

Ten pages.  Size 385K.  $8.00  Now $4.00
"Dancing Light" Beaded Beads - Santa Fe Style
Dancing Light - Santa Fe Style.  Featuring the classic colors and patterns of Santa Fe and the American Southwest, these instructions include seven beaded beads in four patterns as shown below .  You can combine the beaded beads with your choice of colorful glass or gemstone beads to create a beautiful necklace.  For example,, the sample at left includes turquoise, coral, charoite, verisite, malachite, carnelian and serpentine, with sterling silver hogan beads and clasp

Ten pages.  Size 405K.  $8.00  Now $4.00
Dancing Light in Fuschia.  Nine beaded beads (five large, two medium, and two small) in four patterns.  Combine with other design elements to form a necklace as shown at the left, where dichroic glass, bronze spacers, and artisan bronze charms and clasp are used.

Ten pages.  Size 415K.  $8.00  Now $4.00
Sante Fe Style Beaded Bead kit
Blue Beaded Bead Kit
Fuschia Beaded Bead kit
Santa Fe Beaded Beads
Dancing Light Beaded Beads in Blue.  Seven large beaded beads in four patterns.  Combine with other design elements to form a necklace as shown at the left, where dichroic glass, silver spacers, and pearls are used.

Ten pages.  Size 417K.  $8.00  Now $4.00
"Dancing Light" Beaded Beads - in Blue
"Dancing Light" Beaded Beads - in Fuschia
"Dancing Light" Beaded Beads - in Shades of Brown
"Dancing Light" Beaded Beads - in Rose
Dancing Light Beaded Beads in Blue
50 More Beadweaving Patterns
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Linda Richmond
Wear Your Art
Spectacular Beaded Jewelry
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All of our beading instructions are much more than just beading patterns: they are complete sets of step-by-step instructions to make the finished jewelry shown in the photos, with bead patterns and a list of materials included.  Remember that all of our projects started life as a bead kit, so they have been tested hundreds of times by other beaders.
Fan Fringe Bead Kit
Fan Fringe Detail
Fan Fringe Detail Amythest
Fan Fringe Chokers with Leaves or Daggers.  Create these exciting chokers using right angle weave, stringing techniques, and a luxurious fringe.  The detailed instructions for these projects include several variations on the basic design, such as the even-fringe black daggers shown left and below, and the uneven fringe amethyst leaves shown right below.  These are intermediate level projects for experienced beaders.

Thirteen pages.  Size 1844K.  $8.00

Fan Fringe Chokers
Hexagon Crystal Pendant Bead Kit
Hexagon Crystal Pendant Detail
Hexagon Crystal Pendant Necklace shown in Black and Gold.  Up to 24 insches in length (but the sample shown is 16 inches).  Uses netting and peyote stitches.  

This is an intermediate to advanced bead weaving project.  

Fifteen pages.  Size 745KB  $8.00

Hexagon Crystal Pendant
Falling Stars Necklace
Falling Stars Necklace Bead Kit
Falling Stars Necklace, shown in Rose and Sage.  The sample shown is 20 inches in length.

This necklace is intermediate in difficulty, assuming you know circular peyote.  If you have not done circular peyote stitch, you may want to begin by making our Circular Peyote Coin Necklace, which is specifically designed to teach circular peyote to beginners. 

Eight pages.  Size 438K  $8.00  Now $4.00
Falling Stars Detail
Fiber Necklace Bead Kit
Fuschia Beaded Beads